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April 18, 2017



Hi Georgia, it was amazing to meet you in Amsterdam ;O)
Love the pictures you made (maybe you can send it to me for my PL album)

Hope you are fine and give you a big hug ..(I will give one to you in Orlando next year)

xx Janneke

Claudia Perry

great card and nice pictures!

Stampin with Georgia

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Thanks, Jana! Your English is perfect!


Great pictures! It seems like you had much fun at the event (sorry for my poor english).

Best wishes

Candy Ford

Great pics, and adorable card, Georgia. Love the bike light! So glad you got to go to Amsterdam.

Candy Rattray

Super cute bicycle card! And your photos convey how much joy you experienced in Amsterdam:)

Kayla MacAulay

I love your blog post.
It looks like you had a lovely time and how special that you got to meet Janneke. I know her through an online group and when she posted a video saying she had missed one of the incentive trips because of breast cancer I cried with her. I only know her through online but she seems like the most humble, caring and lovely lady.
I am glad that you had someone to support you on that tough journey.
How special too that there is now a stamp set by Patty Bennett for supporting those going through Breast Cancer. xx
Thanks for the lovely blog post.
P.s. I can't wait to see what else you create with that Bike Ride stamp set, that is one of my favourites.

Stampin with Georgia

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Thank you, Zoe!

Zoe Tant

Lovely pictures and memories. Glad you enjoyed it here in Europe with us Georgia. Zx

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